Gutter Products

We fabricate a range of gutters including butt straps, stop ends, gutter support arms, outlets and rainwater pipes to customers’ requirements.

Trimline Gutters

The trimline gutters are made in 0.7mm plastisol and the maximum length is 3 metres.

Galvanised Gutters

Galvanised Box Gutter, Valley and Boundary Wall Gutters are manufactured in 3 metre lengths (cover width 2950mm) to customers required dimensions.
• Punched and joggled joints make installation easier
• Loose or welded stop ends with weir if required
• Loose or welded Outlets

Insulated Gutters

Insulated gutters consisting of an outer galvanised skin, a rigid insulation core and an internal steel white liner. These can be made from 1.5 or 2mm galvanised steel.

Downpipe Flashings

Down Pipe Flashings are manufactured to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Fixtures and Fittings

All accessories – bolt sets/clip nuts and mastic are supplied as standard

If you are looking for superior quality roofing sheets and flashings, call us on
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